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APN A72-I7387

Moscow. 5 December. Luzhniki Palace of Sports. Final Series European Cup Champion In Hockey.

Team CSKA Cup Holders. Left Right Lower Row: Y. Blinov, V. Kharlamov, V. Popov, V. Kuzkin, Y. Blokhin, Y. Karmanov, V. Tretiak, E. Mishakov, S. Glazov, A. Firsov, A. Volchkov, V. Vikulov. Second Row: B. Mikhailov, K. Loktev /Trainer/, A. Gusev, V. Trunov, V. Lutchenko, V. Petrov,
A. Tarasov /Senior Trainer/, A. Tsygankov, A. Ragulin, I. Kostylev /Administrator Team/, I. Silin /Doctor/.

Foto Y. Somova

Final Match On USSR Cup In Hockey Year 1969.

Meeting Teams "Dynamo" /Moscow/ And CSKA. The Fight For The Puck At The Gate "Dynamo" Between Dynamovian Vitaly Davydov /Left/ and Vladimir Mikhailov /CSKA/.

Foto D. Donskogo and Y. Somova APN A69-II977

(M-440) Moscow April 15. Celebration ceremony. The coach Vsevolod Bobrov is lifted up by glad goldmedalists after the game against Sweden.

RJ/LH 730415 CODE 8884.

Swedish Book Årets Sport 73-74 Page 27


The goaltender Curre Larsson had a fantastic performance when Tre Kronor played against the Russian national team in the return meeting at the Is Stadion in Stockholm. Here is the russian Valeri Kharlamov and Stig-Göran Johansson who are admiring Curres skills in the goal.


Swedish Magazine Pucken 1975 2 Page 35


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